About Me

I have personal and career interests in technology, data and analytics. I work in Data and Analytics for a growing UK credit reference agency. I live in Leeds with my family.


The University of York

Master of Science: Cognitive Neuroscience
Thesis: Detecting the Neural Properties of Spatial Cognition using the Maximal Information Coefficient

Bangor University

Bachelor of Science: Psychology
Thesis: The use of social media interactions in producing crowd sourced lecture notes

I started university with an interest in becoming a clinical psychologist. Since then I have researched a variety of areas including pedagogical practise, consumer psychology and mental health and well-being. My masters degree in cognitive neuroscience bridged a long standing personal interest in technology to the possibilities of engaging with these in my career. Although my career now does not have a direct link to psychology, I use the analytical and programming skills which I learned throughout university to solve problems.




PITS Teacher, Bangor University (Sept 2013 – Present)
Holding two weekly classes (ca. 60 students each), teaching (American psychological association) professional formatting of documents and presentations. Formulating own teaching tools, and marking of class assignments.

Segway Instructor, Segway Park (Tourist Attraction)
Supervising and training people in safe, enjoyable riding of Segway personal transporter’s. Handling the consumer experience for a captivating session.

Sunday School Teacher, LDS Church
Recognising the needs of others and sharing content, experience and invitations to act, within a cumulative variety of religious settings.

Missionary, Germany Berlin Mission (Apr 2009 – Apr 2011)
Full time volunteer religious missionary, teaching lessons and addressing the public in the German language. Administering over and providing training to other missionaries to teach more effectively.


Technical Operations Analyst, Callcredit Information Group (October 2015 – Present)
Data processing and analytics. Mediating risk and enhancing business efficiency through continual process improvements.

Mac Lab Assistant, Bangor University (May 2013 – June 2014)
Maintaining department specific I.T. equipment and assisting the staff and student user experience.

Cheesemonger, Morrison’s Supermarkets (May 2011 – October 2015)
Operating the delicatessen and oven fresh counters. Holding accountability concerning retail operations, as well as giving advice regarding specialist food products.

Segway Park (Summer 2013)
Directing marketing and instruction components that led to the opening of a tourist attraction in the Snowdonia National Park. Implementing a local press and social media marketing campaign.

Sales Associate, Staples UK Retail Ltd (Nov 2006 – Apr 2009)
Holding responsibility for sales and operations within the retail environment. This included after sales service of business machinery.

Assistant Cost Manager, Turner and Townsend (Summer 2006)
Mathematic and administrative responsibilities, serving a team of cost managers contracted to the water industry.

Personal Interests

I enjoy outdoor activities, particularly walking and cycling. I am also an avid computer enthusiast, keen to experiment with and figure out new technologies. I am also an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I enjoy both taking part in and supporting church events.

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