A Case for Home Schooling

Most of the literature surrounding homeschooling surrounds legal matters and U.S. constitutional rights surrounding the topic.
Since none of that has anything to do with psychology, I suggested how the principles of mastery, empowerment and social networks are best deployed in a home school set up.

Barky: Science of Education

What I want to do today is put before you a case. There’s plenty of evidence that home schooling is better for students, however I want to submit before you a framework through which education would be best done, and I want to demonstrate how that framework works best through home-school or grassroots teaching. I am going to discuss three principles of education, and then at the end I will relate them to home schooling.

Mastery Learning

One of the troubles with ‘stack it high/sell it cheap’ education was highlighted by Bloom (1968). Assuming that mastery of knowledge is governed as a function of aptitude and time, anybody above the median is being under stretched, and anyone below is unable to master anything completely. In other words, with standardised classrooms, very few can attain mastery.

Mastery based learning is actually quite a systematic theory; it argues that each student…

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