Personal Knowledge Management

This year I will be taking on a teaching role within the university. I’ll be teaching a class called ‘PITTS’. It’s an orientation course teaching the Apple interface, and then equipping students to use the internet for research and the production of well formatted APA documents.

A new addition to the course this year is ‘Personal Knowledge Management’, a component of the module in which we are going to try and teach students from day one of their degree to begin networking.

PKM is a concept that has been developed by Harold Jarche. The idea is that one builds ones own personal network, engineered entirely autonomously, to connect with those in a research discipline that excites you – the learner. This network of both people and documents grows over time and aides learning.

This blog is a form of my own PKM, which I have been doing on and off throughout my university time. But as I continue to write here, I am taking the information which relates to my own study, and am making sense of it, which advances my own personal learning far better than any memorisation ever could. If I extend that into using twitter or linkedin, or if I start following peoples’ blogs I am expanding my academic peripheral vision and making myself a more effective learner, and thus making my career more effective for both me and my employer.

I have spent a lot of time this year studying how the connected world has a holistic effect upon learning, in anticipation of the dissertation project I will be starting. I think it is a terrific idea to begin learners on this at as younger age as possible.


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