Crowd Sourced Collaboration in Twitter

  1. What we have here is a paper examining the use of twitter and individual smart phones in the computer science context, with each smartphone acting as a sensor. This could either be a sensor such as the GPS or microphone, recording automatically, or one involving human interaction, such as one asking the user to take a look at the weather and answer a given question.
  2. In the context of our research using twitter for education, this is evidence of the power of the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ phenomena. For weather reporting, there was a 79% accuracy rate between crowd sourced weather reporting and that of The other relevant figure it reports is that 1/6th of people are willing to take part in such activities with no apparent incentive. In other words, social learning projects itself.
  3. Next up this afternoon is a read of the paper: “Crowd sourced sensing and collaboration using Twitter…
  4. #Ubiquitous: Everywhere, surrounding us, omnipresent. Twitter is omnipresent.
  5. #MEMS Technology: Very small technology (e.g. 1micrometre to several mm)
  6. Now everybody has a #smartphone, they can work as nodes to the ubiquitous computing system, to make decisions or acquire data.
  7. Why #twitter? It’s easier to give the community a tool, than the tool a community.
  8. Why #twitter? It’s publish/subscribe format makes it optimum for learning.
  9. Sensor integration: twitter literally puts camera’s and GPS’s one step from the internet. What else could we do that with?
  10. Twitter is elegantly designed, but most of all, it is #simple
  11. WSN’s: Wireless Sensor Networks: Small sensors for recording temperature, pressure, anything really…
  12. So basically they invented a robot to search twitter and/or ask users and work out what the weather is doing. #WisdomOfTheCrowd #smart
  13. Tweeters’ responses correlated with 79% EXACT accuracy to conditions reported on
  14. In New York, 50% of predictions actually matched the reported weather the next day!
  15. Users can ask Askweet a question about a given topic, e.g. the weather, or noisiness, and it will cleverly find an answer.

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