Science of Education

Further to what I posted last week about the idea of using twitter as a means of social learning; that is recording notes, seeing other peoples’ perspectives and creating discussion, my project supervisor introduced me to, which can take all the tweets of a given hash tag and put them into chronoligical order. I tried it in said supervisors science of education lecture, and this was the output.
  1. @jm60 Tweeting Jesse Martins one and only education lecture under #jm60
  2. It’s fun for me, since you guys get to do all the work. #jm60
  3. Anybody who is satisfied with their teaching has low expectations #jm60
  4. Start pending on the guy who needs to press record. #jm60
  5. Education today, I give you the information, then you give it back to me in your own words with a little bit more… #jm60
  6. It doesn’t matter since you’re going to cram anyway #jm60
  7. Evidence tells us it doesn’t Foster engagement. Plus, it’s boring #jm60
  8. I empower you to go and find what you want to find. #jm60
  9. Once upon a time, school is where the information was #jm60
  10. In the last 15 years we have moved from information scarcity to information abundance. #jm60
  11. You have it all on your iPhone, so why do we keep on lecturing? #jm60
  12. understanding is not transmitted, only information. #jm60
  13. Information is that tomato is a fruit. Understanding is that you don’t put it in a fruit salad. #jm60
  14. Universities haven’t adapted to there being too much information to cover. #jm60
  15. Children stop asking why after they enter formal education. How terrible to quash that curiosity? #jm60
  16. Asked students to produce a mock election of their own #jm60
  17. 90 kids dressed up and did it. The teacher didn’t need to do anything #jm60
  18. Ask them and take the time to listen. Extraordinary #jm60
  19. Must allow kids to fail as part of the learning process #jm60
  20. Spend an hour talking about the learning process. Key word: create #jm60
  21. Ill walk off some place and do something inappropriate and you’ll have it on camera. #IfItComesOutYourMouthItsGame #jm60

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