Learning Just Got Effective!

It’s now 17 minutes past midnight. I should be tired, but my brain is wirring, mainly because I have just been up doing an online test, which is due for tomorrow morning. Bad, I know! But on the other hand, it is a pass/fail scenario, with unlimited attempts, and I am please to tell you I have passed!

Since I presented my manifesto, I have formed further new ideas, the main one of which was the Wiki, or knowledge base as I call it. Infact, it has been the wiki, which has been the means through which my new learning strategy has taken off. Re-watching lectures and merely sitting through them with paper and a highlighter outlining key terms and possible extra reading makes a nice managable task, and the terms can be easily carried to a new Wiki page after that. The excitement of seeing the Wiki fill up really seems to help me to learn the information. Image

In fact, relating to the topic at hand, that is learning, I can remember without looking to my notes that it is focussed study that is most effective for encoding information into long term memory. Depth is one construct for dealing with encoding, over which there are three levels, the most important of which is semantic depth. When things are encoded into a semantic level, they are well enshrined into long term memory. 

Now, admittedly, I cant remember any more than that for now, But a quick glance at the notes reminds me that semantic learning involves considering the meaning of things. And that is exactly what this method is trying to do. Sure, I write down a pile of key terms, but then I read up on them from the required text and possibly other sources. And I learn what those things are, and not just things. This is about bringing meaning and purpose to study. 

The only problem is it has been so easy to get into, compared with before, that I can now spend easily 4 hours or more a day working on it, which surrounded by classes, employment and a vibrant church life is heavy on my body. So I’m going to balance that out with an appropriate level of sleep and rest, and then I will continue!

By the way: it seems also that I smell like cat litter. This is not usual, I think I must have acquired it through something at work. 

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