A Word on Evolution

Evolution is a popular word within science these days, and psychology is no exception. It seems that just about everything, whether it be neuropsychology or developmental psychology, can link theories back to our so called evolutionary past.

And it does kind of fit. The regions of our brains that carry out more elemental (similar to animal) roles are all centred around the medulla, which becomes the spinal cord. The further you come from the medulla, the more executive functions are performed, which might suggest from the evolutionary standpoint that new bits were built around the older parts.

Today I was reading on vision, and it astounded me just how spectacular the visual system is. Now the notion of evolutionary psychology suggests that the elements of the visual system for the transduction of colour came later on, that certain parts of the visual system are colour blind, and that through additional pathways the colour information is sent, to make a picture in our ‘minds’.

I just cannot grasp how such a system could uniformly form across an entire species by chance. The scientific primary colours, which according to theory, out of mere chance have constructed into the cones of the visual system, them selves through accidental genetic mutation, I honestly believe to be impossible. With no complete set of systematic steps, something has made itself out of genes that once upon a time had no trace of colour information.

Many a scientist now do look at the spectacularity of nature and of the human body, and feel conviction that a power of deity is having a bigger role than science would be comfortable accepting. I myself am a firm believer in Jesus Christ, belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Information and ideas such as what I refer to here play no part in my conversion to that faith – empirical evidence for such does not exist, but I do marvel at the hand of my creator in such a spectacular organism as the human brain.

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